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Here, your heart's desire to bring about change can turn into meaningful actions that make a real difference.

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Bringing hope and change, together

Embark on a journey with Al-Qulub Trust, where your passion meets purpose. Here, your actions spark change, transforming struggles into strength and igniting a world of hope. Get ready to turn empathy into impact and make real, positive differences in countless lives.

Join the Family - Become a Volunteer

Each volunteer at Al-Qulub Trust is a valuable gem in our treasure chest of change-makers. 

When you offer your time and talents as a volunteer, you're not just helping us - you're joining a global family dedicated to spreading love and compassion. From packing food parcels to spreading the word about our work online, every task you take on sends ripples of positive change into the world. So why wait? Start your volunteer journey today.

Be a Champion - Start Fundraising

If you've got a knack for inspiring others, why not channel that into fundraising for Al-Qulub Trust? 

Whether you're running a marathon, hosting a bake sale, or planning a charity livestream, each pound you raise helps us inch closer to our goals. No matter how small or large your fundraiser, we're here to support you every step of the way. Every effort, every moment you dedicate helps strengthen our mission and expand our reach. So rally your friends, spark some enthusiasm, and become a champion for change!

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, "The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to others."

(Al-Mu’jam Al-Awsat)

Give Life - Support Our Appeals

At the heart of our work are our appeals - each one a lifeline to those who need it most.

When you support our appeals, your donations go directly to providing essentials like food, clean water, healthcare, and education. Each donation, big or small, can transform someone's life. Browse through our appeals and give the gift of a brighter future to someone today. Remember, the beauty of giving is that it doesn't just change the lives of those you help. It changes you, too. 

Let's make this world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. Let's get involved!

View our life-changing appeals

Water & Sanitation

Join Al-Qulub Trust and bring the gift of water to parched lives.

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Join Al-Qulub Trust, and let's heal the world, one heartbeat at a time.

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General Donation

Step forward with Al-Qulub Trust; embody change, instil hope.

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Food Security

Join Al-Qulub Trust and help us fight hunger, bringing food to every table.

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