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In a world that has made remarkable strides in medical science and healthcare, the harsh reality is that millions remain bereft of these necessities. The World Health Organisation estimates that at least half of the world's population still lack access to essential health services, with millions more being forced into extreme poverty due to healthcare expenses. For countless individuals across the globe, simple ailments become life-threatening due to a lack of medical resources, whilst others suffer from preventable diseases due to inadequate healthcare infrastructure. At Al-Qulub Trust, we are committed to addressing this glaring inequity, drawing upon the Islamic principles of charity and compassion. Our mission is to reach out to the world's most vulnerable, providing them with essential healthcare and medical assistance.

400 million

People lack access to essential health services


Of the world lack access to the health services they need

100 million

People are pushed to poverty each year because of health expenses

Gifting the Needy

Feed the desperate - every little helps!

Your support catalyses our health and medical initiatives aimed at creating healthier and more resilient communities. Each donation contributes towards setting up and operating health clinics, conducting vaccination drives, delivering essential medicines, and facilitating access to clean water and sanitation facilities. Moreover, it helps us respond promptly to health crises in conflict-ridden regions, ensuring timely medical aid reaches those in dire need. By focusing not just on treatment, but also on preventive measures and health education, we are working to build an environment where every individual has a fair chance at a healthy life.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, "There is a reward for serving any living being."

(Reported by Sahih Bukhari)

Every life is a priceless gift deserving of good health and happiness. Make a difference, donate now, and let your generosity become the healing touch that saves and transforms lives.

Make Your Gift Go Further

The UK's Gift Aid scheme lets you increase your charity. For every pound you give, the government will add an extra 25p, at no extra cost to you. This extra means more food parcels, more seeds for crops, more farming tools and in the end, more families saved from hunger. Use this chance to increase your act of kindness.

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