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The recent conflict in Palestine has cast the region into a harrowing nightmare, resulting in an unprecedented loss of life, a staggering number of casualties, and the tragic displacement of over a million families.

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The recent conflict has plunged Palestine into a nightmare, causing an unprecedented number of deaths, casualties, and families forced into displacement of over one million residents.
This ongoing turmoil has cast a dark shadow over the region, giving rise to an unprecedented surge in the loss of lives, injuries, and an alarming number of families tragically uprooted from their homes.

2.3 mil

Gazans effected by the crisis


Damaged residences

1.2 mil+

Needing humanitarian assistance

Helping the people of Palestine

An unprecedented number of deaths & casualties

The numbers are nothing short of staggering:
  • 30,000+ Palestinian lives tragically lost.
  • Over 46,000+ people left injured, their lives forever altered.
  • Heartbreakingly, 10,000+ innocent children have been taken from us.
  • Thousands of souls remain missing, their families desperate for answers.
  • Over a million people, our brothers and sisters, have been ripped from their homes.

Access to water, electricity, gas and fuel all cut off.

Blockades preventing any external aid entering to ease the stress on the emergency services and schools.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”

(Reported by Al-Tirmidhi)

Your support is needed NOW!

Al-Qulub Trust are working with partners on the ground to ensure vital and essential aid is delivered to the people impacted by this ongoing conflict.

We will be providing (but not limited to):

  • Hot Meals
  • Food Parcels
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Medical Kits
  • Fuel to support hospitals and schools

Doing nothing is no longer an option

Maximise Your Impact

The UK's Gift Aid scheme offers a unique opportunity to extend your charity further. For every pound donated, an extra 25p is added by the government, at no extra expense to you. In the wake of the Gaza Palestine war, your support serves as a lifeline, fueling our wide array of humanitarian efforts.

Your contribution can be the first step towards a transformed life. Be the beacon that dispels their darkness. Donate now and embrace the opportunity to make a lasting difference.

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