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Discover the many ways you can extend a helping hand to those in need. Each appeal represents a lifeline for individuals and communities facing challenges – from hunger and lack of clean water, to health issues and educational barriers. Your generous donations can transform lives, fostering hope and resilience.

Lebanon Winter Appeal

For decades, Lebanon has extended its welcoming arms to a substantial refugee population, serving as a sanctuary for more than 1.5 million Palestinian and Syrian refugees.

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Palestine Emergency Appeal

The recent conflict in Palestine has cast the region into a harrowing nightmare, resulting in an unprecedented loss of life, a staggering number of casualties, and the tragic displacement of...

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Türkiye Earthquake Appeal

Reports now suggest that more than 50,000 have been killed, and many thousands more injured. These figures continue to rise.

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Morocco Earthquake Appeal

Disaster has struck in Morocco reports now suggest more than 2,000 have been killed

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Water & Sanitation

Join Al-Qulub Trust and bring the goft of water to parched lives.

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Join Al-Qulub Trust, and let's heal the world, one heartbeat at a time.

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General Donation

Step forward with Al-Qulub Trust; embody change, instil hope.

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Food Security

Join Al-Qulub Trust and help us fight hunger, bringing food to every table.

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