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As the sun rises each day, illuminating the world, a stark contrast persists. For nearly 10% of humanity, a pall of despair, hunger, and poverty overshadows the light of opportunity. While we bask in the light of prosperity, countless others are shrouded in the darkness of deprivation. Picture a child, dreams in their eyes, but burdened by the chains of illiteracy. Imagine a mother, her heart heavy, as she watches her family grapple with hunger. Or a community, ravaged by conflict, striving each day for a sip of clean water or a moment of safety. At Al-Qulub Trust, we strive to illuminate these shadows, fuelled by the Islamic principles of compassion and social justice. We work diligently, not just to alleviate their immediate suffering, but to kindle a beacon of enduring hope and prosperity in their lives.


People do not have access to safe drinking water

400 million

People lack access to essential health services

345 million

People currently face food insecurity

Gifting the Needy

Your generosity serves as a vital lifeline, powering our broad spectrum of humanitarian projects.

Each contribution made nurtures a seed of change. It might ensure a starving family savors a much-needed meal, giving them the strength to face another day. It could provide a child with an opportunity to learn, paving the way for a brighter future. It might empower a woman with essential skills, helping her secure her family's wellbeing. It could bring healthcare services to those who've only known suffering. Each donation builds bridges towards a better, sustainable future, transforming lives from a mere struggle for survival to an empowered existence.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”

(Reported by Al-Tirmidhi)

Your contribution can be the first step towards a transformed life. Be the beacon that dispels their darkness. Donate now and embrace the opportunity to make a lasting difference.

Maximise Your Impact

The UK's Gift Aid scheme offers a unique opportunity to extend your charity further. For every pound donated, an extra 25p is added by the government, at no extra expense to you. That's more food for the hungry, more books for the eager learners, more medical aid for the unwell, and more training for the willing. Embrace this chance to enhance your act of kindness.

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