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We live in a world where there's enough food for everyone, yet it's a sad fact that nearly 690 million people go to bed hungry each night, says the United Nations. These numbers show a sad truth: while some have plenty, others go without.

Hunger, which no one should have to bear, hurts people's dignity and dreams. Think about a dad, tired and worried, who can't feed his hungry children. Or a community where dreams are crushed by the constant struggle with hunger. Think about how hard it is for people to live healthy, happy lives when they don't have enough good food to eat.

At Al-Qulub Trust, we listen to these voices. Our work follows the Islamic values of charity, caring and helping each other. We work hard to lessen this wide-spread hunger, making sure that no one has to suffer from lack of food.

670 million

People will suffer from food poverty in 2030


Of hunger globally occurs in war-affected regions

345 million

People currently face food insecurity

Gifting the Needy

Feed the desperate - every little helps!

Your kindness gives life to our work to make sure everyone has food. Every gift, no matter its size, helps us find, pack, and give out healthy food parcels to families who really need them across the world. Your donations don't just fill empty bellies for a day, they give hope for a lifetime.

But our goal is not just to give out food; we also want to help people provide for themselves. Your support lets us fund projects that teach communities how to grow their own food.

This approach helps people help themselves, frees communities from having to depend on others, and moves us towards long-term food security. With every seed planted, every field ploughed, we move closer to a world where everyone has enough good food to lead a healthy, active life.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while his neighbour goes hungry.

(Reported by Ibn Majah)

Make Your Gift Go Further

The UK's Gift Aid scheme lets you increase your charity. For every pound you give, the government will add an extra 25p, at no extra cost to you. This extra means more food parcels, more seeds for crops, more farming tools and in the end, more families saved from hunger. Use this chance to increase your act of kindness.

Food is a basic right, not a luxury. Donate now, and let your kindness fill not just empty stomachs, but also hearts with fresh hope and strength.

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